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Baby A

I have a VTail/ATail obsession. My early attempts flew terribly because I didn’t know how to tune them, so I made this little ATail in hopes of finally solving the riddle.

As you can see it was originally a practice X Quad. I had lots of 10mm wooden rods lying around from my FPV Manuals tricopter, so I started hot gluing them up in different configurations. This was just two angled sticks glued to one flat stick, with foamcore above and below as reinforcement. I love how simple it is, considering how tortured V/ATail designs can be, including my own.

This little guy flew great, and I spent endless hours doing nose in circles around a light stand in my photo studio. In fact, it flew so well on stock settings that it shed no light on the difficulties I was having with my big A Tails.

It later became an H Quad and then I finally abandoned these parts ’cause I was tired of the unreliability of the motors as well as the press-on props’ tendency to fly off. If the itch strikes maybe it'll get rebuilt with better 1306's.