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Booboo: Build Guide

The Booboo is a 3d puzzle, so if you want to solve it yourself stop reading now. Seriously, avert your eyes.

Ok, so it's just me and the unmotivated here now? Let's proceed.

The Booboo consists of just a few pieces, each with highly technical names. I call them the top, bottom, sides, front, and back. Oh, and landing skids.

Slip the four landing skids on the arms. The skids keep the side hooks from getting worn down, so don't skip these. The motors will keep these from sliding off.

Drop in the front. The slot at the top is off center, I prefer it to the right.

Slide the back into the sides and push it up.

Drop the side/back assembly down into the bottom. When you're doing this with components in place make sure your ESC wires slot into the recesses above the arms.

Slide the sides forward, locking them into the front. The back will also hook onto the bottom. Things should be getting nice and solid now. Now's the time to route your camera and battery straps through the slots in the sides.

Slip the top through the slot on the front, slide it to the left to hook it in.

Line all the tabs up and push the top down. You're done! The camera and battery straps lock everything together.

As far as components go, the Booboo is super easy to build. I use a simple PDB under the FC, and since the frame is bamboo I mount the PDB directly to the bottom without spacers. I'm liking the Lumenier 4Power PDB 'cause you can solder a Pololu to it and get 5v to the FC.

Make sure your ESC power and signal wires are long enough to make a 90 degree turn out of the body and onto the arms. Since the Booboo is basically an enclosed box, I don't bother to mount anything but the FC and PDB. Everything else just gets shoved in.

Clean build nazis look away.

Clean build nazis look away.

I originally had a camera mount with bobbins, but I found that the bamboo does a nice job of muting vibration, so all I needed was some weatherstripping to get a good jello free cam mount. I doubled it up in front to get some up tilt.

And there it is! It's simple, it's cheap, it's beautiful, and I hope you enjoy it. Buy it here, read about its design here.