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Studio Session-059.jpg

Liberty Ducted Quad Build Log

This is an LOS build of the LDQ, which is super roomy inside. It's like going back in time 3-4 years to my first ever builds.

Here's the PDB with a pigtail and 5v lead to FC soldered. There's so much room I'm not direct soldering to the board, hence the servo plug. This is weird!

Space is tight on the arms so you'll have to do the over/under, or the reacharound if you have an infantile sense of humor.

Motor attached, ESC's connected to the PDB. Keep an eye on the routing of the wires to make sure they'll fit under the cutout in the ducts.

Studio Session-059.jpg

FC screwed on, ESC's connected. There's no FPV on this build so that's the wiring.

I use silicone self fusing tape (the lazy man's heatshrink) to secure the ESC's to the arms. Screw on the standoffs and slide the ducts over them. Receiver plugged in.

This is one of the builds for the Liberty Science Center. It'll be flown in a netted enclosure, never more than a few feet away, so I'm just hiding the antennas inside the frame. Screw on the top, making sure it meshes with the grooves in the ducts and you're done. Building drones is easy!