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Snotbot 2

I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Gab707 for the Ichabod and Ichabod Jr., and we’ve also worked together on some shoots. I love working with Gab ‘cause he’s crazy smart AND an amazing pilot, and he pushes my designs further than I would on my own. So when he told me about a drone project for whale research I was totally excited to get involved.

Gab sent me this video:

Apparently it’d all been done already, but the original drone maker went out of business, so the researchers needed it re-created. We couldn’t get too much info on the original drone, but we came up with our own wish list of specs:

It should be waterproof, because it’ll be flying through mist.

It should float. We don’t know if the original floated, the white parts under the arms might be styrofoam, so maybe it does. Regardless, we wanted ours to float so it could be saved in case of a crash.

The original looks like it had 9 or 10” props. Gab had just gotten a Racer4 from DRL, so we had a good idea what a 6s 7” power train could lift. He decided that this should be a 7” quad so it could be as small as possible and safer for landing on a boat.

And of course it needed the petri dish servo mech, and a Hero mount to record the action.

Gather Round and Listen to my Tale of Woe

Sadly, this isn’t my first attempt at a floating drone. Nilsen Clif lives in Malta, where it’s illegal to fly drones. He thought it’d be cool to race over unregulated water, so he asked if I’d take a shot at designing a waterproof floating drone.