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I made this ’cause I wanted something fun to fly that has more inertia than a mini. I started with 1100kv motors and 8″ props and worked backwards to make the smallest and lightest frame possible. I made the top plate 56mm across, while the lower plates are 66mm at their narrowest to accommodate the ESC’s. Once I chose a width for the fuselage there was little left to do but lay out the motors for prop clearance and connect the dots.

As a pure sport flying frame there’s no need for clean and dirty sections, like a Flip FPV, the second quad I ever owned. The two lower plates are 10mm apart, the top plate 35mm above that. The arms are 3mm carbon, with 7mm unthreaded standoffs to close the 10mm gap. Threaded standoffs there would’ve been so much better – it’d be easier to build, and the arms wouldn’t fall off if you had to separate the two lower plates to do some repair work – but of course I couldn’t find any, so it disintegrates into a million pieces when I take it apart.

The frame has two spots for batteries, up top for 3300’s and behind for 1800’s. With a 3300 it has an AUW of 1100 grams, which is crazy light for the power train, about 25% throttle to hover. I had to reprogram my throttle curve so that there was enough stick travel below hover.

There’s not much to this frame but it flies just perfectly for me, super smooth and relaxing, hence the name Sweetness. I thought it’d be my favorite thing to fly but I keep making new things…