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Which Tweaker Should I Order

Which Tweaker should I order? Simple, the answer is 'both'. But if you're no fun and want to choose just one, here's an explanation of the differences between the Tweaker and the FPV Addiction edition Tweaker.

First of all, all Tweakers take 4" props. The Tweaker (on the right) has a 1.6mm top plate and a 3mm bottom plate. The FPVA Tweaker is 2mm/4mm. And as you can see below, it has bigger hands and feet, and you know what they say about those with big hands and feet.

Studio Session-006.jpg

Both Tweakers can take 1300, 1800, and 2200 motors. But the Tweaker is optimized for 1300 and 1800 motors, and the FPVA Tweaker is optimized for 2200 motors. This is what they look like with the proper motors.

As you can see, the arms are sized appropriately for the motors, and the motor leads go right down the arms. Now here's what it looks like when you switch.

Now the motor leads are offset 45 degrees. With the short arms on these 180's this becomes a problem. There's barely enough room for an esc on those arms, and the offset just makes the build messy. In addition, a 2200 motor will overhang on the arm of the Tweaker, and you can only use the two closer set mounting holes to mount the motor.

Ok, clear as mud? If you're planning on using 1300 or 1800 motors order the regular Tweaker, and for 2200 motors order the FPV Addiction Edition Tweaker.